Simple products for Tattoo Care

Healing of tattoo may take a long time and it is hard to estimate that how much time it will take and will depend on person’s skin type and maintenance done by them. In terms of the appearance of the tattoo, it will take 2-3 weeks for completion of the healing process. And this time period is when there are no infections or extreme scabbing, the inner layers of skin take around 2-4 months to heal. There are three different stages in process of healing:

Stage one includes oozing, swelling and redness of skin and this thing last for 1-6 days and scabbing starts.

The second stage lasts up to 14 days with itching and flaking and continues until this flakes and dead skin cells fall off.

The third stage will be a cloudy appearance of tattoo for few weeks which means the inner layer of skin is still repairing.

Wrap your place in ink with a bandage and keep it covered for few hours and remove it with help of warm water by soaking it. And use a mild anti-bacterial soap to clean the tattoo in rubbing fingers by circular motion and dry it with a paper towel and pat it gently and apply antiseptic cream. You can see slight swelling around the tattoo area because the flow of blood increases to the part of the body that is inked. Do not pick off scabs which will lead to the delaying of skin and may pull out the ink from the tattoo. There are various types of products available online such as butter, lotions, and creams which help the tattoo to heal faster and they maintain shine, crisp and thickness of color you got inked. It is very hard to conclude whether the tattoo is healed or not as it depends on various other factors like size of tattoo and skin type. By accounting, all these factors make your tattoo healing stages less painful.

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