How culture affects the arts and what we buy

Every business strives for one thing till the end- understanding their customers. Only a business that has truly understood its customers would be able to survive in the changing market and really retain the loyalty of its customers. There are so many factors influencing the customers besides their age and place of residence. One of the major factors influencing customer behavior is the culture.

Culture influences the behavior

The way a person behaves, his lifestyle and other choices all depend heavily on the aestheticism. A civility of a person would be the deep values that the person believes in. These are passed down generation after generation and some of them are acquired during their life as well. Taking the demographics of a region would often not be an absolute indicator of the customers in the area. People who move to other cities and countries might still not give up their traditions. So, if you really would like to understand about the customers in an area it would only make sense if you take into account the number of immigrants and the traditions and beliefs of the immigrants as well.

Culture affects art

Aestheticism is something that defines what the person believes deep down. So, this would have a great impact on the person’s perspective in general. The basics thus would have a strong influence on how the person looks at everything around him. It is this perspective that is transformed into art. So, tradition impacts art. The message that the artist conveys through his art work would have a touch of his roots in it and this would have its roots running deep.

Culture thus also affects people’s tastes. And when tastes differ so do the shopping pattern of the people and what they like and dislike.…

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